Is your Sony XPERIA TL simlocked? If it is simlocked you cannot change the simcard in it. We can help you with a unlock code for it.


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In order to generate your phones unique unlock code we need its IMEI. The IMEI is the phones unique 15 digit serial number. To get your phones IMEI you just enter in the dial pad:


Please be careful when enter the number so you get all the numbers right.

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The phones Serial number is a 10 sign long code that consists of both letters and digits. The easiest way to find it is to look under the battery. Please look att the following picture to se an example of a Serial number.

Another way is to go to:


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Got a simlocked Sony XPERIA TL?

We can deliver your Sony XPERIA TL unlock codes in just a few days at a very low price. After you entered the unlock codes in to your XPERIA TL it will be fully unlocked and work with all simcard. You can freely upgrade, reset or even root it; your XPERIA TL will never be locked again. This is a 100 % permanent unlock and it will not void your warranty in any way.

By unlocking your Sony XPERIA TL you get the possibility to change to any simcard you want. It will also work everywhere in the world as you can freely change to a foreign simcard.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

How does it work?

It’s really quite simple. After you press “Add to cart” a window will appear and ask you for some information from your phone. This information is unique for your phone and we use this info to extract your phones unlock codes.

After you complete your order we will send you an order confirmation and start to work with your unlock codes. After about 1-5 days your unlock code will be ready and will be emailed to you together with instructions on how to enter them. You can even choose to get your unlock codes as an SMS if you choose to.
The unlocking process itself is very similar to making a phone call and doesn’t require any technical skills at all. Seriously, if you are capable of making a phone call you are more than qualified to unlock your phone.
The process of entering the unlock code will take about 2 minutes and you will only need to enter the unlock code 1 time, never again.


Why should I buy my unlock codes from you?

Most sellers of unlock codes will only provide you with 1 code, that for the NCK. In most cases the NCK will do just fine, but there are situations where the phone is locked on other locks as SPK (service provider), Extended - ESL, Corporate - CCK and network subset – NSCK. We always supply codes for all the locks, at a lower price than most sellers provide 1 code.

Another reason for choosing us is that we don’t want you to wait more than necessary; we always deliver your codes within 5 working days.

For your convenience we have prepared a FAQ with the most common questions regarding unlocking a Sony XPERIA TL with unlock codes.Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our service.


Please read this information before you order a unlock code for your Sony XPERIA TL..
    By cheick R. on 24 Oct. 2013 :

    Title : Unlock Code
    Comment : Outstanding customer service .I have got my code delivered very fast .. Great job Peter!!

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    By Duly M. on 24 Oct. 2013 :

    Title : 100% Recomended
    Comment : Excellent service, and the codes are 100/100 efectives. Awsome costumer service. Thanks.

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    By Patricia Z. :

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