How to get your XPERIA´S IMEI


The phones IMEI is not something you will come in to contact with in everyday use of your phone and upon request we will make a small tutorial here on how to get it. The only thing you really need to know about your phones IMEI is that it’s a unique number that is used to identify your phone. The IMEI consist of 15 digits.

Method 1

The easiest way to check phones IMEI is to dial the following sequence:


This can be done with our without simcard inside the phone and you use the phones dial pad the same as if you dial a phone number.

Method 2

In some models of Sony and Sony Ericsson you can remove the battery and the IMEI will be visible on a sticker underneath.

Method 3

Check the sticker on the box which the phone came in. Please not that if it’s a second hand phone you cannot be sure that the phone is belonging to the box, so this method is only sure if you have a new phone.

Method 4

Usually you can see the IMEI in the phones SETTINGS -> ABOUT menu.


Please check the below video to see the different ways how to get your phones IMEI.